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Fall Mix CD

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In honor of this first foggy night of Fall, I wanted to let you know I've made up a brand new mix CD. Hit me up and I'll throw you a copy. Here's the track list if you're curious:

1) "The Rabbit of My Soul Is the King of His Ghost" by Saint The Fire Show (on "Saint The Fire Show")
2) "Dear Deadly" by Creeper Lagoon (on "Creeper Lagoon")
3) "Tom Cat" by Muddy Waters (on "Electric Mud")
4) "Omar k" by Rainbow Arabia (on "Kabukimono")
5) "Bucket of Butterflies" by Modey Lemon (on "The Curious City")
6) "Don't you Evah (DJ Amaze & Alan Astor Mix)" by Spoon (on "Don't You Evah" single)
7) "My Needs" by The Monotonix (on "Where Were You When It Happened?")
8) "Certified" by Diverse (on "RJD2 is God")
9) "Sunshine the Werewolf" by Dillinger Escape Plan (on "Miss Machine")
10) "Where Pathways Meet" by Sun Ra (on "Lanquidity")
11) "Planning" by Chris Speed (on "Yeah No")
12) "Curse" by Cult of Luna (on "Eternal Kingdom")
13) "These Days" by Xu Xu Fang (on "The Mourning Son")
14) "Send Me Your Love" by Soft Canyon (on "Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Wings")
15) "Winter's Wolves" by The Sword (on "Age of Winters")
16) "Funeralopolis" by Electric Wizard (on "Dopethrone")

Gotta run and reheat some of the tasty Spanish artichoke stew I made last night before heading out to shoot some photos for a friend's band. Enjoy!
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The Delgados - "Hate" (Btw, The Delgados are a seriously underrated band!)
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On September 28th, 2009 02:20 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
yeah. s'keely.
wow, i think i've only heard of one of those bands. am i out of touch or what? (damned midwestern seclusion ^.^)
if it's not too much trouble i'd love a copy of the compilation! i love music...
thanks so much!
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