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ooooOOOOoooOOOohhhh a real update!

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I know I've been bad about updating my journal with anything substantial, but this summer has been bat-shit-crazy, and fall has thrown a massive workload at me... But in the contemplative spirit of Fall (and in honor of the slight rain that counts as fall out here in LA) I figured a good way to get back in to my journal was on a personal note to check in on my New Year's resolutions... Many things have changed in my life, but this should be informative for me, if not hideously boring for y'all ^_~

1) Learn to cook more Chinese vegitarian food.

Hmm... I no longer have this set of cookbooks, however I have, taking the suggestion of a number of top-end food writers that have passed through KCRW's Good Food program of late, tried to limit my intake of meat as much as possible. I particularly was intrigued by one piece of information and one particular suggestion - First, the fact: if you cut even one single meat meal out of your diet per week, the energy savings is equivalent to shopping *entirely* locally for the rest of your food for that week. Second, the suggestion, that if you want to be eco-conscious, try eating vegetarian for breakfast and lunch, and then don't worry too much about dinner. My modified solution, since anxiety is a huge problem for me about food, is that I'll try to eat as vegetarian (in my case laco/ovo/pescatarian) as possible but not worry too much about eating meat of the few occasions I eat out per week. Seems reasonable and tasty!

2) Eat more Mackerel and small fish.

Doing passable on this - I mean, I love anchovies, sardines and mackerel so I've been sneaking them in on occasion (did you know it is Pike Mackerel season in Japan? A sushi chef at a local place was telling me about how they traditionally catch them in Japan which involves lanterns and small boats). However, my complaint would be the relative difficulty of find these small, more sustainable fish at stores. Other than Japanese grocery stores, even sizable fish markets like SM Seafood rarely stock anything but the familiar canned versions. Possibly an American palate issue?

3) Go to each of the 4 major Los Angeles art museums at least every two months.

Hmm... Let's say that I'm making it about every 4 months, and for some reason, the Hammer is by far the hardest for me to get the motivation to visit, even though it's shows tend to be quite interesting.

4) Go to at least one gallery opening/closing per month.

With my involvement in hosting my own series of monthly art events, my contact with this world has been rather better. I even made it down to the Downtown Art Walk recently. I still don't like the atmosphere, and to be honest, a vast majority of the work I see, but I'll keep plugging along!

5) Watch more movies.

Huh - totally forgot about this one. Been worse than ever about this. No idea why... But I've been reading a ton more than I have in a long time, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much - but I suppose not having a TV or stereo setup at the moment is probably a minor hinderance to this happening anytime soon.

6) Jog twice a week at least.

I've been really solid on this one - I usually jog 2-3 times a week and do weights another 2-3 times.

7) Be okay with one simple meal a week.

This has been inverted - which is that I need to make sure to make time to cook one elaborate meal per week - something that is really tricky and involved since I've found that often I'm so much on the run now, that my stress release from cooking can get run over roughshod.

8) Drink more green tea (and a bit less booze).

Been great about this - almost entirely cut off my coffee intake at home which has kept me from downing a whole pot and bouncing off the wall.

9) Listen to NPR's program "Speaking of Faith" more often.

Check and check! Since I've been so good about this, I've added an additional component which was to keep up with the literary program Bookworm.

10) Finally get a new camera.

Done and done last time. Working on a new computer to handle the new files still.

11) Hit my mark of one blog entry per week.

Ahahaha - not even close. But I have added a facebook to keep up with more current promotional event means, since it is such a better application for events and promotion. However, I do miss having the ability to really dig in to content (like this post!)

12) Add an online catalog to my web site, and as a corollary, get a few on the mini-books I've been itching to do done.

I'm still waffling on this ethically, but I got the first Apartment Homes Fake Book done, a second is in progress. Also I'm in the midst of seriously printing which sounds to be perfect for my first print-on-demand book. I think... again I *think* I have some difference between having a bookstore on my site Vs. having a total catalog of my work to publish. I think I would like to try to get a small chapbook of poems done this year...

13) Spend less money.

Been doing passably on this through forceable means, since the move decimated my funds and there was almost no work in the photo world this summer. But I'm trying to keep those habits up!

14) Practice my various "elevator speeches."

Bingo bango done. But doing almost 6 months worth of curating and promotion of art shows and studio visits and press releases has really started to hone this skill set. Actually, I'm realizing just how amateur some of my earlier promotional material, or even just my basic explanations of my work (which is what I frankly care MUCH more about).

15) Finally track down a bunch of the old 80's and early 90's occult anime movies and OVA's that I have a deep suspicion color my art aesthetic.

Whoops - forgot about this...

16) (Skipped for obvious reasons lol!)

17) Got to China Town more.

Done-e-i-a-o-u... Been down there a couple times a month at least! It's a fun place - Spring Street Smoke House, Mountain Bar, the Moon Festival...

18) Update computer software.

Kinda irrelevant, but I've tried to do a good job of having the right software for the job, and not skimping.
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On December 11th, 2009 03:36 am (UTC), chemchick commented:
Hey so kind of random but it's Amanda aka Chemchick aka Kat from WoW. I know you don't post much but I'd like to be able to keep track of you since I don't play anymore so I added you as a friend.

The End.
On December 11th, 2009 06:02 am (UTC), eronrauch replied:
Thanks for keeping in touch! I wish I'd post more here, but mostly facebook seems to be more active with my current group of friends (though a few are keeping the old LJ flame alive). But you'll see me around - now back to my zucchini, caper and pine nut pasta and lulzing at Hulu having old Baylon 5 episodes (oh the memories of junior high!)
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