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A Thought on Art From My Sketchbook [Which I am unsure if I agree with.]

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"What is the point of art?

It seems like there are two major components for me. The first is that art is a place to get in contact with your interior geography - a place where the ambiguities and strictures of humanity are on display - a way to refresh and/or renew your perspective on the exterior world.

The second 'point' of art I tend to think as being more broadly social - that art can create a space for questioning what is normally taken as inherent - a space of intensity that is both in and out of the dwellings of our preconceptions - that tries to fight against complacency of perception and other vague assumptions. The sewage-workers of culture, as it were. A space, not just for rest but to throw your clothes off and run and feel the air. "

(Written sometime around the middle of August 2009).

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Cathedral - "The Ethereal Mirror" (It's cheesy and I'm still not sure I like it)
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